August Alboth, whose business began as a finisher of porcelain, launched his company in 1872. His successors, the porcelain makers Willi Alboth and Georg Kaiser, went into actual porcelain production in 1928. Since 1970 the Kaiser-Porzellan name has stood for over 140 years of tradition, forging "white gold" - the treasure that pleases the senses.

With fine judgment, we make the connection between traditional forms and modern design. Thus, from only the finest materials is Kaiser porcelain made, which then becomes an intensive experience for the senses.

It has always been the aim of Kaiser-Porzellan, in the design and making of valuable works of porcelain, to offer consumers, and our trading partners, timeless products that match the individual needs of the home market for attractive and functional forms.

That means… more than 140 years of porcelain making tradition embedded in 1,000 years of history. Located in the historically rich regions of the upper Main river valley, Kaiser-Porzellan is located in the small Franconian town of Bad Staffelstein in Bavaria, a town known far and wide for its famous sons: for example, the famed mathematician Adam Riese, who was born in Bad Staffelstein in 1492. The town also lies in the Main river valley between the hills where the renowned baroque Cloister Banz, and the Rococo basilica of the 14 Saints, were erected. The River Main flows gently through this quiet countryside of wooded hills, lush meadows and fertile farmlands.

It is a tranquil landscape from another time, where for centuries the people of the region have lived in harmony with nature. They cultivated the soil, and developed traditional handicrafts. They weaved baskets - Lichtenfels, the city of basket making, is just around the corner – perfected the arts of glassblowing, pottery and, of course, the making of porcelain.Today, connoisseurs appreciate the high quality of our porcelain creations. In more than 60 countries, Kaiser-Porzellan is a popular and award-winning trading partner, as well as a respected brand for the consumer.