Handicraft in Perfection 

Select raw materials and a detailed production process guarantee top quality. Each step of the production process is carried out by experts-by hand. Besides the quality of our materials, the modelling, moulding and firing, as well as our richly nuanced designs, exemplify the high quality of our products. The figurines are designed and hand painted with artistry and a true love of detail. Handicraft meets art and turns every piece into an unmistakably unique artwork.

Most of our glass articles are mouth-blown and therefore unique. 

Ceramic colours are used for our print decoration, created in small quantities with traditional techniques. Often, 18 and more colours are required to closely reproduce the true-to-original atmosphere of the work of art. After application by hand they are fired at temperatures of up to 800° centigrade. Up to 18% pure gold additionally refines our decors and makes each piece a small treasure.