The Goebel administration moves to Bad Staffelstein

The Goebel Factory Outlet remains in Roedental

By the end of May 2016 the complete administration of Goebel has moved from Roedental to Bad Staffelstein. The Goebel Showroom where regional in-house exhibitions and larger meetings take place was in Bad Staffelstein already for some time.

This move did not come unexpectedly. The mother company of Goebel, PM Capital, possesses there with the premises of Kaiser Porzellan large-scale own property with about 60.000 m2 buildings and ground area. The office building in Coburger Strasse 7 was rent only from Schulze Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG.

The move of the national and international orientated functions of the Goebel company, however, does not reduce their commitment to Roedental and the Coburg region. The factory outlet with its more than 400 m2 sales area will remain in Roedental also in future. The warehouse and shipping functions of Goebel have for some years already been executed by D+S Logistik in Neustadt and will be handled there also in future. D+S on their part have rented areas on the premises of Kaiser in Bad Staffelstein. 

The about 50 staff members of Goebel from Coburg, Roedental and surroundings working in the administration as well as the staff members of the subsidiary Global Supply Management GmbH will now have their desks in Bad Staffelstein with view onto the Staffelberg. With the relocation of the administration, the purchasing and the sales department the integration of Goebel's activities in the PM Capital Group are now also spatially finished.

Goebel will start production again in the rooms of the Kaiser Porzellan company. The manufactory will concentrate on smaller series. For this purpose Goebel is searching for up to 20 qualified employees.